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December 2014

December 2014

GM Crops- Promotion vs. Relegation

When the world is unassertive of advocating the usage of gene modifying technology, the world’s most populous country has stepped its foot forward in promoting GM food through all forms of media. While most of the developed countries still avert the usage of GMO’s, the step taken by China is quite commendable. This issue we have weaved our cover story around the same talking about “GM crops-Promotion vs. Relegation”.

 Interview coverage of Dr. Surinder Kher, CEO, Ecron Acunova and Mr. Jhenkar Dixit, CEO, GridOctane

Also read in the issue

  • Proteomics Lab inauguration by Thermo Fisher Scientific
  • GM labeling- is it our right to know?
  • Google further leaps into bioresearch
  • A Dupont- India survey "India's confidence in green & biobased products is highest"


With any innovation, promotion and marketing becomes an inevitable part of the entire process to make a product survive in the market. Be it a drug being designed, instrument being launched or a methodology being set in place. Only when it reaches the right mass at the right time does the product makes the desired impact. While all efforts fall right in place while promoting the “xyz’s”, why do we still refrain from instilling the same for GM crops or organisms?

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