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July 2015

July 2015

It's time to prosecute 'anti-GMO NGOs' | Combating false propaganda against GMO companies

In this GMO special issue, read about how anti-GMO NGOs influence and wrongly spread word on the GM technology. GMO food is an overly criticized technology which has received more suspicion than praises, thanks to the non-scientific propaganda by activists. The June 2015 issue covers the story of GMO under the title "Its time to prosecute 'anti-GMO NGOs'; Combating false propaganda against GMO companies"

In this issue, know more on 'bioeconomy' as promoted by Novozymes, through their bioethanol esp. ‘Cellulosic Ethanol’.

Also read in the issue:

  • The pills, the injections and the Robotic Pills
  • Will you get your genome sequenced?
  • Interaction with Sumit Mitra, Global Marketing Manager, Molbio Diagnostics
  • Top 10 Employers in Biotechnology


In a false propaganda against GM crops, myths tend to weigh more than truth about it- for which media to a great extend could be blamed. With exponentially increasing population that could soon be followed by a shortage of food worldwide, GM technology could actually prove to be a boon, albeit anti GMO NGOs stop opposing. Read more in this issue.

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