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November 2014

November 2014

'Make in India' special

With newer government came newer policies and hence newer hopes. One among those is the recent 'Make in India' initiative by Modi government. Emphasizing on attracting investors and hence improving job opportunity, it raises hope on dealing the lacuna that biotech sector faces, particularly the dearth in investments. The current issue of Biotecnika magazine analyses if Make in India would prove to be a stylish attempt to attract investments to BT sector?

Feature Interview by Titan Biotech and Siro Clinfarm

Also read in the issue

  • Imminent second green revolution
  • CO2 to plastics- GE microbes answering global pollution
  • Delaying aging- an answer to delaying diseases?
  • The next weapon for Bioterrorism "Ebola Virus"


“Come, make in India”, “Come, manufacture in India”. Sell in any country of the world but manufacture here. A decade pass by, and the Indians are awaiting a leader who would bring a change, whose voice would become the voice of India, the one who can hear the cry and the one who would bring in a revolution. A decade of dysfunction and now, we have a leader…

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