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Shekhar Suman is a Serial Entrepreneur and the Co-Founder of Biotecnika. Magazine is a way he wants to recraft the way industry opines and expresses its views. With years of experience under his belt, he captains the ship with prudence and perfection. He is the chief-editor of Biotecnika Magazine and a big inspiration to the bio-community.

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    Saswati Saha

    “We cannot turn back the clock on agriculture and only use methods that were developed to feed a much smaller population. It took some 10,000 years to expand food production to the current level of about 5 billion tons per year. By 2025, we will have to nearly double current production again. This increase cannot be accomplished unless farmers across the world have access to current high-yielding crop production methods as well as new biotechnological breakthroughs that can increase the yields, dependability, and nutritional quality of our basic food crops. We need to bring common sense into the debate on agricultural science and technology and the sooner the better!”

    ~by Norman E. Borlaug
    Winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, 1970

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    Ayushi Malik

    Please help me through biotech daily updates

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    biutech is one of the best field for human civilisatin.human now a days totally depends upon the machine its a way to escape from them …otherwise the story of terminator movie will be true


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